We are delighted that you are considering baptism – also known as Christening – at Sunderland Minster, whether for yourself or for a member of your family.

In baptism, we welcome you, or your child, into the family of God.

When babies are baptised, you and their Godparents will make promises to bring your child up in the Christian faith.

If older children or adults are being baptised, one of the clergy will meet with you for a short course of preparation. This will help you to learn more about the Christian faith, if it is new to you – and understand the commitment you’re making in the promises you will make when you are baptised. Baptism is a joyful opportunity to celebrate a new start in life!!

Baptisms can take place in the Sunday morning service (9.45am) or at 3pm – usually on the third Sunday of the month.

If there are special reasons why the service should be at another time then please speak with us, and we’ll see what can be arranged.

To book a baptism, please contact our church office email admin@sunderlandminster.org

Learn more about what there Church of England believes about baptism